HP 75 vs. HP 75XL

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So your nice shiny HP Printer’s ink is starting to run low. If your HP printer uses the 75 series color cartridge then you may have noticed shopping around that their is a model called HP 75, and HP 75XL.

Remanufactured HP 75XL

Remanufactured HP 75XL

XL as you would presume means extra large and simply has more ink inside the cartridge. Here are the different page yields for these two cartridges:

HP 75 (Standard): Approx. 170 pages
HP 75XL (Extra Large): Approx. 520 pages

As you can see, when comparing the HP 75 vs. HP 75XL, the page difference is really quite astonishing. Their is a catch those as with most printer cartridges, so you should be careful when deciding which cartridge to purchase. Many printer ink cartridge manufactures will give an ink cartridge a shelf life or expiration date of generally 2 years. Please note that this is a shelf life and not installed life. Once the ink cartridge is installed, it is generally recommended to be used up in about 6 months or to print a page weekly to make sure the ink does not dry to clog the print head. Knowing this now, you should decide if you believe you will print 170 pages over the next 6 months or you can print 520 pages over the next 6 months. While the HP 75XL is a better deal per page, it won’t be such a great deal if you end up not using half of the ink and it dries out.

The original HP 75XL Color printer ink cartridge is sold at retail for about $40.99. Professor Ink offers a remanufactured HP 75XL printer ink cartridge for only $16.97! By purchasing a remanufactured cartridge from Professor Ink, you can nearly purchase a HP 75XL cartridge for the price of an original HP 75 standard cartridge. All cartridges from Professor Ink come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturers defects.

We hope this article helped to clearly explain the HP 75 vs. HP 75XL and which you should choose for your HP Printer.

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