Compatible Ink

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What are compatible ink cartridges you ask?  Compatible ink cartridges are manufactured by a third party (different then that of the printers manufacturer) and are designed to work flawlessly as replacement ink and toner cartridges for your printer.  Compatible ink cartridges are an excellent way to cut your printing costs in half or more while maintaining excellent print quality.

Compatible ink cartridges are manufactured from all brand new components and are not used or second tier parts that the original manufacturers decided not to use.  In fact, the most crucial components of the compatible ink or toner cartridge generally come from the same or similar manufacturers as the original cartridges do!  For example, many toner cartridges use a drum, which is the long blue or green tube that you see on your toner cartridge.  Our compatible toners utilize brand new Mitsubishi drums straight from Japan.

Next time you need replacement printer cartridges, try compatible ink from Professor Ink and cut your costs in half.

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