If your Brother Laser printer has the “Drum” light on, this generally means one of two things. Either your drum needs replaced, since drums last about 20,000 pages, the occurrence of this many vary due to how often your printing, or the other option is that you have just replaced your drum and the light will not go away.

To reset the Drum light on your Brother Laser printer can vary slightly by model, however the general idea is the same.

For example, to reset the drum light on the Brother HL-5250DN laser printer, one should open the access bay to the toner cartridge and drum area, HOLD DOWN the “GO” button and you will see the lights on the machine light up one after another. Once all of the lights are illuminated you can then either replace the drum, or remove the drum and reinstall. Once you have completed these steps you will find that the drum light is no longer illuminated and you can continue printing like normal.

Other Brother drum light issues may be solved similar to the Brother HL-5250DN however some may require you to hold down the “GO” button before opening the access bay.

We hope this information helps you folks, and in fact, all replacement Brother Drum’s at Professor Ink come with a convenient manual on how to reset the drum light for your Brother Printer.

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