Many people are having issues with the HP Photosmart C4385 and wireless printing and this issue appears to persist among many users with various operating systems. The problem seems to be that if you are not using the wireless printing quite often, the signal will basically be lost between the computer and the printer, and it can take days before it will reestablish the connection. For example, we installed the HP Photosmart on a Laptop with Windows 7 64-Bit, via the provided drivers on Hewlett-Packard’s website, and wireless printing worked fine for the first few days. Then we waited about 2-3 weeks before the next print, and the printer would not be in the “Ready” state that the status will show. While proceeding to print, the document will send to the printer without error, however it will just sit in the queue. Maybe a week later without trying to print the document again, randomly out of the blue the document started to print.

Our suggestion for this problem is to either to plug your system directly into the printer to ensure you can print when you want to, or have the latest drivers always available, and delete and uninstall the HP software for the Photosmart C4385 and proceed to reinstall. Until a firmware update is available, it seems at this time their really is no solution. We have tried manually creating a port, typing in the printers IP address, and even this did not work.

If you have any solutions, please feel free to comment for others to try.

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